Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sea of Strangers

Wonder why I always looking for some of encouragement this day
You know, if you feel really bad and down
There are ton of bad influence come to your mind
Some bad.... which I can say really B.A.D though in every aspect of life
Entah lah~
'You live like a death person'
How bad it is? Kan...
I know~

I used to busy myself with work
Struggle with time and tiredness
I don't mind as long as the time pass by... swiftly... quickly...
I know when im too tired, mind and soul will easily fall down and shut down because of ZERO battery left
I can easily sleep without having insomnia like I always do in midnight
Everyday since that day
The day I lost all my positive and spirit
The day I feel so lost and small
The day I hate myself

I just stop by at book store
Get distract with lots of genre books and environment; silent
The inspirational, motivational or buku keagamaan is what I looking for
Well I know, even HOW bad my day is... I still have HIM beside right?
Yes, some religion book really help me a lots to recover myself back
Just like today
I still lepak in book store during my lunch break
Spotted this book of "Sea of Strangers" by Lang Leav
If this isn't your first time reading Lang Leav's work
You pretty much know what to expect off the bat
With the turn of every page
Sea of Stranger really make me to go beyond love and loss to explore themes of self-discovery and empowerment as you navigate your way around the human heart
Which I can truly say
About what I'm facing right now, my current stage of life

This book writing style is like a short poem or story
A comfort and easy to understand
Like... it make me tend to seek more
I was surprised to find myself delighted for this book so soon
Speaking of which, it was an exciting moment to realize that the stage I was now is radically give impact
Here some of word from the book

It is the mark of a great poet to write words that feel as
though they have stood witness to your most intimate
memory of love

"Where It Hurts"
There are days when the melancholy settles on you like
as sudden change in weather. The kind of sadness that is
intangible. Like the presence of an ache where you can't
pinpoint exactly where it hurts, you just know it does

"My Life"
I will celebrate this life of mine, with or without you.
The moon does not need the sun to tell her she is already whole

"Smoke & Mirrors"
If you know she's too good for you. If she makes you this
about the universe. If you look into her eyes and see the best
version of yourself reflected back

It's over, she said
It was many years later when the quiet realization
dawned on her
It's over, her heart whispered

You know... it;s kindda~ hmmm
It's truly reflect myself
Most of her caption and word
However it is, please don't make me wrong...
I'm fine~
Really FINE

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