Friday, October 13, 2017

Perfect me

Practice make perfect
That what am doing
And still doing
However it’s cause a time buying
Since to get a perfect is not easy
Not free as well
Like ‘tadaaa’
Like a magic spelling

But when there are ‘someone’ who keep pushing me
To be perfect at that moment and that place
Keep repeat and asking me to be that perfect
Make me wanna throw all my live into it

I asked myself
I can do it
I can do it
I can do it
I need a time
So please give me time
I don’t have any other reason
Since I do want be PERFECT too
And like I said, it cause time buying
I believe all people knows it
Or am the only one who wrong here?
(Tell me that am not~)

So please…
Please do understand me
‘You’ who the one I believed and pick to be my other half in this life
I am wrong
Yes, am wrong and make a huge mistake
It not happen
‘You’ push me even harder
‘You’ drag me into the limit I cannot even stand
‘You’ throw all sh*t on me

I cried…
During that time, it all I can do
Just crying
Like all women do after the pain cannot be hide anymore

Practice make perfect?
Perfect do cause practice
Practice do take time
And time is not only have second
Time do have second, minute, hour, day, week, month and even a year
If you still don’t understand
Like you ignore me everytime I keep explaining
During the hardship of me you still pushing me
Means you cannot bear with time
The time that I asked for you
So… as it does
The things I can do is say goodbye
Goodbye means FIREWALL

'untold thought'  - by A.fiez, 13/10/17, 3:00PM

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