Thursday, August 10, 2017

Me. Looking for someone to lean on

A night when even the lampposts slowly fall asleep
There is nothing to lean on
At day's end when even shadows are faint
That's when I met you

My tired and exhausted whines
You listened to all of my feelings
And watching you listening to me
I can relax now

Even after I blink my eyes
Please stay next to me
Because I like the shoulders you let me lean on

You make me believe in myself
Thanks to your pats on my small back
I can empty my mind and Fall Asleep Again

In case you wake me up from my sleep
I saw you holding your breath for me
Your hands gently brush by
This touch, I pretend to not notice
I open my eyes and close them
I want to stay next to you for longer

For some reason, my mind keeps filling with worry
I pray that you don't disappear
Into a midsummer night's dream
I pray, for days to be like today

Even if I fall in deep sleep
Please stay next to me, forever
Because I like your warm open arms so much

I now have the entire universe
With your warm breath, without wavering
You soothed my heart

Where could I found you? The person I could lean on

'untold thought'  - by A.fiez, 10/8/17, 4:41PM

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