Monday, July 10, 2017

After awhile

For some reason, today feels so difficult and exhausting
I hold my pillow closer as I sit alone in my room
I fidget with my phone as my heart

For some reason feels empty today
But then...
The suddenly ringing phone surprises me
I hear your voice, asking me if I ate today
The voice that I really miss
Voice of you Mum...
Although sometime she annoyed me
Today those words feel different
And all the forgotten promises I’ve made come flooding back to me
I think of my mom
I cried...

I will become a warm hearted person
I will become a person that puts others first
I will fulfill the wishes of your love
The person who I share my dreams with
The one who used to comb my hair

Although at times, I hurt you because of my wrong decisions
You quietly watched over me from afar
Although I’m still a young and clumsy child
I think I understand now
The meaning of your silent prayers

What should I do?
My heart is still so small
If I let go of your hand
I’m not sure if I can make it without you
I don’t think I’m ready yet
And I’m scared

I will become a wise daughter (give me courage)
No matter where I go
I will be a daughter you can be proud of
I will fulfill the wishes of your love
With all the love that you have shown me
I will have a warm heart
I was too shy to express this to you clearly
Mom, I truly love you

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