Friday, November 4, 2016

Short story after my hibernate day

About to write something
But dont know where to start . . .

There are lots of 'stuff' stuck in my head
About to explode in near future *i guess in meantime
Wanna tell bout it to 'someone' but dont know to whom
So, I just keep it silence
Keep it behind
Hoping that... all of 'its' are slowly gone
If not gone forever, please do gone phase by phase unknown

Well all of us have a story or problem that hard to tell
I do believe all of you face it too
For me how to solve it is somehow rather soon or later
Breath in
Breath out
Slowly . . . and slowly . . .
Tomorrow is still come with another begin of our story
Good news or bad news?
We don't sure either
Keep today and live for tomorrow
Believe in yourself

Self motivation is what I need!!!


Pic cr: pintrest


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