Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Couple with different height

Couple in different height
What say you?

It's sweet when boy is higher than his girl
It's does'nt matter how short the girl is, it such sweet for me
You could feel the sense of protection by him
And sometime like abang adik
When they are taking sorang kena pandang bawah sorang kena pandang atas

What about when girl is higher than his boy
Does it look weird?
For me.... well it's just a bless for that boy accept their girl in such way
Romantic in cute feeling involve here
I just said when they going for date, they will look just cute
Girl wearing flat or sneaker while the boy wear his Michael Jordan style of shoes in order to get same height with his partner
The girl is act like that such a cute
My friend of mine is one from this categories
I always tease her

I: Why is Joe look so short?
AL: Joe is just small and tiny... Not short
I: O-okayyyyyyy....  *cannot argue back

Ha ha ha...*Tiny and small?
So sarcastic of me when I first heard that. But after a moment I just 'wahh such a cute compliment'

secret admirer by charDreamsArt

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