Friday, September 23, 2016

When someone said you are short

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Tall and short is really a subject matter to a girl
When someone said u're short
What say you?

Answer might be like:
A: 'haha... thanks for that info' *flip your hair
B: 'hah! really?' *about to cry
C: 'me? you said me??!' *call mum
D: 'so? is that your problem?' *get ready with your gun
E: 'heh! am i care?' *poker face
F: 'shut up bitch!' *laser look eye-to-eye

Okay this happen to me sometime
And I always answer like A. Even my feel is like F *LOL

My height is 16+cm I can say it is normal
When am around my friend I could feel the 'bahagia'
Can put and hang my hand in their shoulder
Can joke around by pulling my finger at their head when we fighting so they can't reach me
And can walk around confidently with my flat and they wear heal 
You can feel the bahagia tu kan...

But when it come to my family the word 'bahagia' is e.n.d
If we use to gather or talking a picture *simple example, I use to fall in front or at the corner or end side
It is like:
'Yang pendek duduk depan'
Or 'Awak tu tak boleh duduk tengah, gambar tak cantik tak canter'
Or 'Siapa rasa dia pendek duduk tepi sekali'
When all three words out from their mouth, it hurt man....
It hurt...!!!
Most of my family are boys
Even I'm the second and use to be a sister to my adiks, but their height turn me around
I look like a kiddos to them
Or be the same height with my adik in secondary school and yet mesti kena pontong with my adik who use to habis his SPM this year
I'm gonna crying more next year *Huh!

But whatever it is, I can still win if compare to my elder
For my akak, she used to feel the pain of height ranting decade ago *evil laugh
She is the shortest among the elders line and sooner komfem kena potong dengan our younger line
Can I say, we are come from giraffe family and she are not *she will mad at me once read this


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