Friday, September 30, 2016

When mum say NO

If you wanna ask sometime to your parent who your favorite *mum or dad
What say you?

I just tell you the truth here
I will pick my dad
Dad is kinda rock and cool in same way *and m-mummm is bit....
Btw, I not a daddy kiddos, just I feel much free when talk to my ayah
When ask for money or anything
His habit after listen to my talk is silent then he will say o-okayyy
But you should sometime get the NO after a while *because of mum
It's happen like this....

I: Dad, I wanna go hiking to Mont Kinabalu with my friend this weekend. Can I?
D: My baby is awesome. You can go hiking. Daddy will support *okay i just add the word baby here
M: DAD!!! She is girl. No hiking for girl. It is dangerous *when she overheard
D: O-kay listen... I'm afraid you can't go... Mummy said no
I: Seriously dad? You just said you will support me. I knew it *preng motor laju-laju (just joking!)

When I born as girl its kinda an unobstructed for me to do what boy can do *sometime
Mum worry is to much
That why my kakak only tell mum whenever she go to her freedom world after she already book the fight ticket and etc
She told her exactly three days before or the day before her trip *such a great plan!
So mum cannot say anything *she speechless
Well done to my kakak

I studies my kakak trip and try to apply accordingly *cuba try test tengok jadi or tak
So here my feedback

I: Dad,... where mum? *skip my dad
D: At kitchen
I: Mum. What are you cook just now? *kind intro kononnya
M: You could just know it right away kan~
I: *Looking at telur dadar in the pan
M: What's matter? Plan going somewhere again. Don't do it like your kakak. This is my warning!
I: *gulp
M: *staring at me
I: Of course not. Nothing. Just.... saje tanya

Fail! Just FAIL!!!

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