Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love you my crazy friend

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If you have crazy friend, you have everything
What say you?

Sebenarnya aku jeles dengan my sister. My elder one
Eh kejap, what i means is jeles yang baik
Jeles yang aku rasa aku nak jadi sebahagian dari dirinya sekarang
Even she was so So SO busy dengan her master thesis and her nutrition hospital's *or clinic's job but still she have time to go crazy with her friends
Go travel to Pangkor *still fresh of my jelly (jeles)
Then travel to Bali *just last month
And weeks before, going hiking to Mossy Forest, G.Irau
You should have see her Insta instead and you can feel how much fun on her face
Except how tired she is afterword lah *sakit sana sini

Me? Just stuck at home doing nothing
My last vacy was to Janda Baik
Family trip and she participate as well
Then my last hiking episode was during uni time to Tasik Chini Forest
Club recreation activity *compulsory stuff

Well, miss all crazy activity myself
Doing all things without care about job... money... and time consume....
Normal feeling during young generation
You got me!

Oh man.... now i feel so granny already
Without fun or crazy memory all out!
During this adult phase after graduate
Arhh that because of workforce phase make me feel like that *blame the job tetiba
Miss my crazy little friend
Some of them were married *so yang tu tak boleh kacau
And yang single mingle like me still around but susah betul nak catch-up *all busy *all jauh

For me, you have to feel great-full if you still have a crazy friend around your circle right now
Planning something on the spot w/o proper plan in actual *get what i means right??
Planning something insane but make you feel excited just thinking bout it
Planning all this and that w/o make any cent
They are be mastermind in the group
Have you?
If you do have crazy friend, then you are lucky
For my case... I do
But my crazy little one is slowly become normal kids since married
Happy for you but in same time miss my old you

Making noise in our hostel room
Singing and giggling laugh out loud until morning
Make funny on the people who cross the road infront us
Twerp and dorky around
Like whatsoever... nobody care....

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