Thursday, September 29, 2016

Like throw booger to your own face

World is the planet place that you stay now
Imma right?

Or else.... did you actually have your second place others than this planet to go next?
When you unconsciously is the one did destroy this planet? *in each war you start to other country but in same world you belong and stay in
When you unconsciously is the one did hurt  this planet? *in each pollution you done by cutdown the tree for development purposes
When you unconsciously is the one did dirty this planet?  *in each blame you make by only throw your tiny rubbish outside your car
SO many to say...

Imma not a political
Imma not a number one person in my country
Imma not a rich and public figure
Whose have a EYE to this world
Whatever they  talk can be heard
Imma just a person. Ordinary. Unknown 

Sound unreasonable and tak masuk akal kan but that is the reality
You just need to open your eye and ear
Feel with you heart and soul
We are brother...
We are sister....
In the same home that I call 'WORLD'

Lets stop the war
Lets stop the pollution
Lets stop the others wrong doing
For me all those things like throw your booger to your own face

Its hurt
Its pain
and its dirty
Let say PEACE!!! Together we united is one

 p/s: I just knock out my head from a bad dream last night

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