Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Learning math with mum

In class their a some friends yang gila gempak and excell in math or slow in math in quiz day
Yang just can imagine 'ohh! 90o angle. So answer is this and that!'
Yang just confused 'f(x)?. What f(x)+??. SinB - SinA = Sin???'
Yang just getting Alzheimer 'ahh... shit! I forgot that formula. I already memorize it yesterday'
And last genius. After 5 minute 'Okay! I'm done!'
I just in middle *play safe and steady HAHA

Whatever it is math is fun
But if in future if my kids asking me a question about math I will be like:

K: 'what this answer??'
M: 'let me see the question'
K: '2+22 (3) = ???
M: 'this to hard...'
M:'ahhh this is not your level' *palm face!!!

Maths is interesting subject or not?
What say you?

Ini kenangan
Dalam banyak-banyak subjek exam, math adalah salah satu yang aku takut selain subjek english *bi
Mungkin sebab guru math dan bi garang
Bukan cakap je, tapi memang betul
Tak tahu la pula kalau guru or lect math and bi korang jenis yang soft spoken and berjiwa sangat keibuan
Since, guru yang jenis soft spoken and berjiwa keibuaan ni ajar aku subjet bm or sejarah
And sangat -sangat lah baik dan selalunya akan jadi guru darjah atau homeroom teacher
Aku tak salah dan menyalahkan guru-guru yang garang ni
Sebab guru yang ada aura garang canggitu memang sesuai untuk aku yang suka main-main dalam kelas
At least have to teach either one subject (math or bi)
Wajib kena guru yang garang

Bagi aku math antara subjek yang enjoy untuk belajar dan aku selalu skor in good result in BIG exam in school
I mean both. In primary and secondary school
Eh, maybe not for all middle exam and quizzes time lah
Banyak main-main lagi
Tapi, at final or big exam aku memang skor kau-kau *insaf saat akhir gitu

Vice verse episode happen
I start to hate math in first semestar during uni phase
Subject math 'financial'
I fail in first paper and kena REPEAT subject again for next semester
Repeat weh with some of my junior
I always try my best at it (even thought i fail) *sedih
Masa tu aku insist yang kesalahan tu berpunca because of my lecture
He was so baik and soft spoken
Like I can 'lalalla' in his class and not take so serious during his lecture
Sit at the back row in class, eating snack during sleeping time, poke my friend who sit next to me and others. Of course w/o his awareness and permission
At last i got my repay
Repeat the  subject a.g.a.i.n *padan muka aku

Next semester i'm not going to repeat the subject in his class
Even all senior memang recommend their juniors untuk masuk kelas dia sebab lecture baik... senang nak score... tak banyak assignment... quiz boleh score.... and bla bla
Aku? Since experience that kinds of leisure and happiness before choose the other vise verse kind of lecture
Terbukti! I pass the subject in very pain and bitter experience

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