Monday, September 26, 2016

If you take it for granted

While reading this, please put your routine normal life in off mode and think about your grandpa and granny *if they are still alive
Can you?

Grandpa or granny is the great person who love you
Can I put it as they love you as much of word 'LOVE' than you ever believe
Worldwide... Universe...
Really love you from their bottom of heart
It show when you really sit beside them
Hear what the story they gonna told you
See what the little thing they gonna show you
Feel what the the word rough when they grab you with their tiny hand

But they sometime not even in your picture when you are in your own life
Busy with work
Busy with life
Busy busy and busy

I not blame you. And this post is not for you as well *indirectly
But it is for me
This afternoon my elder text us *our sibling group chat
Screenshot the conversation of her and our mak chek in kampung *kampung belah ayah
Mak chek is the one who always beside my atuk my nenek
I feel very grateful of her, since she always there when my granny and grandpa needs
Mak chek always text my kakak if something happen to both of them at kampung
Sometimes update my kakak about some happy news of them as well
And then my kakak will spread and share the news with us
Maybe my kakak is someone who related to the hospitality industries make mak check feel comfortable to share anything with her
Not even with ayah and her others sibling *pak ngah pak andak pak jang pak su
I believe they have their own chat room as well

I really hate a bad news
I means bad new which related to our relative whatsoever
When it comes to the word family, I always feel uncertain
Sick... Pain... Hurt...
The different word but have same meaning

My grandpa belah ayah was sick more than decade ago
He was 80% paralyzed
Cannot talk properly
Cannot walk and at the bad all the time
I always pray he will became normal and healthy again
Which he used to be.... before....

Last time I visited him raya haritu
I means Raya Aidilfitri not last Aidiladha *that make me feel sorry
Don't have any cuti and back to work after finish korban
Remember at kampung since atuk always at their room, sometimes I overlook one important things
I never spend my day with him
Borak-borak kongsi cerita pasal kerja... life.... or maybe my secret boyfriend....
What I feel, he will always sleep at their bed. Resting~
But actually he was not

If we all at kampung, he always call my dad and my ayah siblings to his room
And sometime his other half *my nenek
He wanted to know all their kids story
He wanted to know all their grandkids story
A.L.L updated stories

One thing I know, he have very sharp memory
He can remember all stories that be told by my nenek my mak chek and dad
He truly it is~~
That why bila masa we all nak balik, and time nak salam dia sedaya upaya untuk bercakap
'Macam mana kerja?'
'Aki dengar Angah dah tak duduk Melaka lagi. Ayah cakap kena pejabat hantar kerja KL sekarang?'
'Kerja baik-baik'
All the thing about kerja
Well, it seem you dont have any cerita untuk kongsi and alway busy with work *padan muka
That make me feel sad
He supposedly said other word than kerja like...
'Macam mana cerita teman lelaki'
'Seronok tak pergi Bali dengan kawan-kawan'
Imma right!?

I still have time, I really want to spend my time with him and share the story about the world I live

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