Friday, September 30, 2016

When mum say NO

If you wanna ask sometime to your parent who your favorite *mum or dad
What say you?

I just tell you the truth here
I will pick my dad
Dad is kinda rock and cool in same way *and m-mummm is bit....
Btw, I not a daddy kiddos, just I feel much free when talk to my ayah
When ask for money or anything
His habit after listen to my talk is silent then he will say o-okayyy
But you should sometime get the NO after a while *because of mum
It's happen like this....

I: Dad, I wanna go hiking to Mont Kinabalu with my friend this weekend. Can I?
D: My baby is awesome. You can go hiking. Daddy will support *okay i just add the word baby here
M: DAD!!! She is girl. No hiking for girl. It is dangerous *when she overheard
D: O-kay listen... I'm afraid you can't go... Mummy said no
I: Seriously dad? You just said you will support me. I knew it *preng motor laju-laju (just joking!)

When I born as girl its kinda an unobstructed for me to do what boy can do *sometime
Mum worry is to much
That why my kakak only tell mum whenever she go to her freedom world after she already book the fight ticket and etc
She told her exactly three days before or the day before her trip *such a great plan!
So mum cannot say anything *she speechless
Well done to my kakak

I studies my kakak trip and try to apply accordingly *cuba try test tengok jadi or tak
So here my feedback

I: Dad,... where mum? *skip my dad
D: At kitchen
I: Mum. What are you cook just now? *kind intro kononnya
M: You could just know it right away kan~
I: *Looking at telur dadar in the pan
M: What's matter? Plan going somewhere again. Don't do it like your kakak. This is my warning!
I: *gulp
M: *staring at me
I: Of course not. Nothing. Just.... saje tanya

Fail! Just FAIL!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Like throw booger to your own face

World is the planet place that you stay now
Imma right?

Or else.... did you actually have your second place others than this planet to go next?
When you unconsciously is the one did destroy this planet? *in each war you start to other country but in same world you belong and stay in
When you unconsciously is the one did hurt  this planet? *in each pollution you done by cutdown the tree for development purposes
When you unconsciously is the one did dirty this planet?  *in each blame you make by only throw your tiny rubbish outside your car
SO many to say...

Imma not a political
Imma not a number one person in my country
Imma not a rich and public figure
Whose have a EYE to this world
Whatever they  talk can be heard
Imma just a person. Ordinary. Unknown 

Sound unreasonable and tak masuk akal kan but that is the reality
You just need to open your eye and ear
Feel with you heart and soul
We are brother...
We are sister....
In the same home that I call 'WORLD'

Lets stop the war
Lets stop the pollution
Lets stop the others wrong doing
For me all those things like throw your booger to your own face

Its hurt
Its pain
and its dirty
Let say PEACE!!! Together we united is one

 p/s: I just knock out my head from a bad dream last night

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How you act with the stranger

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When you have a new student in your class
What say you?

A: 'Look our new victim arrived' *Bully time
B: 'She need sit beside me' *repair hair and change be good friend
C: 'I think she must luv kpop' *Kpopers instinct be friend.
D: 'Why she sit beside my crush?!! *Jealousy
E: 'Whatever' *Act like I'm care

Don't ask me.... ofc I'm 'E'. Haha!!!
Since i really don't know how to make a friend
I means to approach them at the first place
It hard man~ It hard!!! *sigh

That is a what i get when someone don't know me react and judge like the know me
I used to get that nickname
And it was last long until that someone who does rate me before finally get to known me
Itulah pandai-pandai je judge aku *geram tiba-tiba
Well, as aku cakap tadi aku jenis yang tak pandai berkawan
Mostly aku berkawan dengan orang yang bertindak dahulu *make the first move gitu~
Who say 'Hi~' first...
Who say 'Lets be friend~' first...
Who say 'Don't worry, Don't cry~' first... *Mengaku. Aku memang budak cengeng

Alam persekolahan and workforce satu entiti yang berlainan
The feeling
The enjoyment
The people
But when it come to new - new student or new staff it goes back to the same cicle of my 'acquaintanceship mode'
Janggal or awkward situation
Even if I used to say Hi! but it will stuck for next conversation
Apa nak cakap next? Nak tanya khabar ke? His or her name dia apa tadi. Alamak lupa...!!!?

There are so many stories to be told and write if related to my experience to encounter with the stranger or sebenarnya kawan or colleague
Too many...
But i do remember this one most since it happen to me and make me slap my face and say 'I should adjust a bit my behavior'
That happen during my activities during Uni
I had join Facilitator club and masa tu pertama kali turun padang bersama junior atau ahli baru
I'm second semester student and sedikit senior lah dibandingkan dengan new face *new fasilitator
As usual, sebelum mulakan aktiviti kami buat aktiviti kami sendiri
Ice breaking with all fasi
Kau pandang muka aku, aku pandang muka kau
Then senyum~ *Haha. Itu aku tipu

Ice breaking aktiviti ni memang wajib sebelum kami mula dibahagikan kumpulan dan partner masing-masing
Kenal hati budi semua in a way we are here together and we must support each other
As all responsibility terletak penuh atas bahu masing-masing selepas guru-guru atau organiser yang jemput dan handle the program menyerahkan slot aktiviti kepada pihak kami
Beban dia besar *sumpah
Sebab our club is not only become a fasilitator to student yang nak ambil peperiksaan atau pengawas je tetapi kadang-kadang kepada budak-budak hardcore yang sememangnya kepala batu dan bermasalah
Masalah pembelajaran dan social

Well, back to my story *Dah kelaut terpesongnya
Lepas dah perkenalkan nama dan sedikit background as student profile kami selalu akan buat support note or letter toward each other like
'to A, we hope we can be friend and let do our best for today'
'to B, Apa yang penting KERJASAMA~' *masa ni era cerita wonder pet treadmark
'to C, we meet again. Sebenarnya saya suka turun sekolah dengan awak'
'to D, Kau lagi... Btw selamat berkerjasama okay. Fighting'
'to E, Mula-mula sekali thanks sebab bagi roti tadi. Haha... Gud luck!!!'

It seem like secret admire note to each other
Wajib tulis dekat semua fasi yang join, if ada 20 orang fasi... 20 note or letter lah kau kena tulis
And eventually...
We don't really get to know who give the letter or the note belong to
No word 'yang benar' it is from A or whatsoever
Unless you already know their handwriting lah kan
That why some time I used to get really secret admire note instead. Haha *shuuuu that is secret and during that time i do spot who wrote that
It fun sometime~ *still keep those letter
And for me, I always wrote the same word of 'to A until bla bla, Salam perkenalan, Good Luck for today!!!' *Jahat kan...

After that, kami mulakan aktiviti as schedule *and sometimes it took 2 day 1 night program
Now story begin: when one of my junior fasi always come and talk to me when there are break slot
She was like 'Hai kak...'
'Akak dah makan? Nak saya ambilkan tak makanan'
'Akak okay?'
'Group akak macam mana? Happening tak. Group saya bla...bla...bla...'
Imma like, what wrong with her ni
I just act like I care but I actually not *You know if you are soo tired and need your own space but there are someone who always like to knock your door and share their tot bout everything
That was me that time

Finally the day end. The program end
One again we used to gather and do postmortem activities before we all jalan balik
After each of everyone bla...bla...bla... we conclude the day with applause *clap clap clap
Lepas tu salam laga-laga pipi sikit, termasuk with that girl
That girl yang cuba nak bercakap dengan aku tetapi aku selalu avoid her *Jahatnya aku masa tu

After a several days aku baca balik all notes masa program
And I spot one letter
'Hi kak. Ini kali pertama kita berkerjasama. Harap akak dan kita jadi rapat. Tolong guide and ajar kita ya'
Guess who wrote that *Yes. That girls

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Extreme vs hunted house

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If you need to choose between extreme bungee jumping and hunted house
Which one will you choose?

For me
I will pick bungee jumping instead *Ha ha ha
Don't need to think twice
Aku ada alasan sendiri
Aku bukan saja jenis takut rumah hantu tapi apa-apa berkaitan benda-benda seram
Senang terbayang atau teringat dalam kepada *jenis susah nak lupa

Pertama rumah hantu
Last aku masuk rumah hantu masa semester 3 dekat Uni
If nak tahu ranting takut dia cuma 1.5 over 5 je
Tapi bagi aku macam dah 5 over 5 *Okey lah aku letak 4.9 over 5~
Itupun bercinta kena pujuk oleh member. Plus ada rasuah belanja mekdi sikit
Masuk dalam tak sampai seminit jerit over mengalahkan Mak Jemah
Kawan aku kat luar gelak je. Berdekeh-dekeh pulak tu
Ini semua salah hantu yang kat dalam tu, boleh pulak nak pegang-pegang tangan tiba-tiba
Ingat kita couple ke nak jalan seiring sejalan *emo
Malam tu terus jadi panda, tak boleh nak tidur
Esok masuk kelas hidup dah macam zombi

Kedua nightmare aktiviti
Selain rumah hantu aku paling benci bila ada aktiviti burung hantu
Aktiviti yang melibatkan keberanian dimana kau diletakkan dan ditinggalkan di satu-satu checkpoint sambil mata tertutup
Without any partner!
Rasa perasaan takut masa tu tak boleh nak terangkan. Hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu
Meremang bulu roma
Dan next course lepas burung hantu adalah aktiviti merentas hutan or night-walk course
Aktiviti yang ni lain sikit sebab kena berjalan dan mata tak ditutup
Panduan masa tu cuma seutas tali yang diikat merentasi laluan yang ditetapkan
Seingat aku jarak laluan tak jauh dalam 50 atau 100 meter
Macam senang je, sekali jalan zappp tamat
But in reality *at that time it was not happen that way
I'm walking like eh eh eh selangkah stop selangkah stop
Kau bayangkan yang stop lebih banyak dari selangkah gerak
Genggam tali tu sampai berdarah tangan punya lah penakut
Balik rumah terus mengadu pada ayah *see you at court abang fasi!

Ketiga cerita atau filem hantu
Genre cerita jenis seram ni memang tak masuk dalam list jiwa raga langsung
Siapa yang ajak aku tengok cerita seram, aku end-up tutup mata tutup telinga

Okey, vice verse story with extreme activities like...
Bungee jumping
Roller coaster
Ski Driving
Hang gliding *much love
Zap cross

That all definitive my bucket list of things I wish to do
I could say it is about the my next list I damn to do
I already thought of bros shouting 'EXTREME!!!' while crash into it
So for me, lets say 'yeah' to extreme and say 'boo' to hunted house

Monday, September 26, 2016

If you take it for granted

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While reading this, please put your routine normal life in off mode and think about your grandpa and granny *if they are still alive
Can you?

Grandpa or granny is the great person who love you
Can I put it as they love you as much of word 'LOVE' than you ever believe
Worldwide... Universe...
Really love you from their bottom of heart
It show when you really sit beside them
Hear what the story they gonna told you
See what the little thing they gonna show you
Feel what the the word rough when they grab you with their tiny hand

But they sometime not even in your picture when you are in your own life
Busy with work
Busy with life
Busy busy and busy

I not blame you. And this post is not for you as well *indirectly
But it is for me
This afternoon my elder text us *our sibling group chat
Screenshot the conversation of her and our mak chek in kampung *kampung belah ayah
Mak chek is the one who always beside my atuk my nenek
I feel very grateful of her, since she always there when my granny and grandpa needs
Mak chek always text my kakak if something happen to both of them at kampung
Sometimes update my kakak about some happy news of them as well
And then my kakak will spread and share the news with us
Maybe my kakak is someone who related to the hospitality industries make mak check feel comfortable to share anything with her
Not even with ayah and her others sibling *pak ngah pak andak pak jang pak su
I believe they have their own chat room as well

I really hate a bad news
I means bad new which related to our relative whatsoever
When it comes to the word family, I always feel uncertain
Sick... Pain... Hurt...
The different word but have same meaning

My grandpa belah ayah was sick more than decade ago
He was 80% paralyzed
Cannot talk properly
Cannot walk and at the bad all the time
I always pray he will became normal and healthy again
Which he used to be.... before....

Last time I visited him raya haritu
I means Raya Aidilfitri not last Aidiladha *that make me feel sorry
Don't have any cuti and back to work after finish korban
Remember at kampung since atuk always at their room, sometimes I overlook one important things
I never spend my day with him
Borak-borak kongsi cerita pasal kerja... life.... or maybe my secret boyfriend....
What I feel, he will always sleep at their bed. Resting~
But actually he was not

If we all at kampung, he always call my dad and my ayah siblings to his room
And sometime his other half *my nenek
He wanted to know all their kids story
He wanted to know all their grandkids story
A.L.L updated stories

One thing I know, he have very sharp memory
He can remember all stories that be told by my nenek my mak chek and dad
He truly it is~~
That why bila masa we all nak balik, and time nak salam dia sedaya upaya untuk bercakap
'Macam mana kerja?'
'Aki dengar Angah dah tak duduk Melaka lagi. Ayah cakap kena pejabat hantar kerja KL sekarang?'
'Kerja baik-baik'
All the thing about kerja
Well, it seem you dont have any cerita untuk kongsi and alway busy with work *padan muka
That make me feel sad
He supposedly said other word than kerja like...
'Macam mana cerita teman lelaki'
'Seronok tak pergi Bali dengan kawan-kawan'
Imma right!?

I still have time, I really want to spend my time with him and share the story about the world I live

Friday, September 23, 2016

First Hijab runway show presented at New York Fashion Week

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Muslim fashion designer makes history with hijab collection at New York Fashion Week
What say you?

It was so WAW!!
A girls rock the NY Runway man....! How could I not waw!!! *clap clap clap
Anniesa Hasibuan, 30 yo becomes first designer to present NYFW Collection with hijabs
Another win for the modest fashion movement
She had proven that
Considering the high volume of designer that simultaneously show during NYFW, it's all too easy to miss a few

One designer that definitely deserve attention, the muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan is not only the first Indonesia to show at one of the official NYFW venues, Moynihan Station but is also the first to prensent a collection that has every look outfitted with hijabs
On September 14, this year this Jakarta lady enter the NYFW with her collection inspired by hometown Jakarta, hijabs were worn with trouser, suits, kimonos, tunics and gowns all in colorful silks and patterns
Models wore flowing trouser and skirt in silk, lace and chiffon in an array of pastel colors
One stand-out garment included an intricate gold lace dress, featuring metallic embroidery at the bust and a fringed lace train capture my intention the most
You should see how the designer dress their models in the way look so gorges and stunning 
And of course with hijab 

Each model wore a hijab in gold, pale pink or dove grey silk
It is believed to be the first time a NYFW catwalk has feature hijab on every model


Last word from her;
'I want to bring the Indonesian name to the fashion world and use my clothes to introduce people to the different and diverse part of Indonesia'

It is nothing impossible to make your dream come true *right
Have a dream and go for it. I'm also wanna be 'somebody' well know in the future 
If not to the world, at least for my country
Pssss... i do have my own design too. Wanna check out!!? Follow my brand at @flairsparkly *malu

When someone said you are short

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Tall and short is really a subject matter to a girl
When someone said u're short
What say you?

Answer might be like:
A: 'haha... thanks for that info' *flip your hair
B: 'hah! really?' *about to cry
C: 'me? you said me??!' *call mum
D: 'so? is that your problem?' *get ready with your gun
E: 'heh! am i care?' *poker face
F: 'shut up bitch!' *laser look eye-to-eye

Okay this happen to me sometime
And I always answer like A. Even my feel is like F *LOL

My height is 16+cm I can say it is normal
When am around my friend I could feel the 'bahagia'
Can put and hang my hand in their shoulder
Can joke around by pulling my finger at their head when we fighting so they can't reach me
And can walk around confidently with my flat and they wear heal 
You can feel the bahagia tu kan...

But when it come to my family the word 'bahagia' is e.n.d
If we use to gather or talking a picture *simple example, I use to fall in front or at the corner or end side
It is like:
'Yang pendek duduk depan'
Or 'Awak tu tak boleh duduk tengah, gambar tak cantik tak canter'
Or 'Siapa rasa dia pendek duduk tepi sekali'
When all three words out from their mouth, it hurt man....
It hurt...!!!
Most of my family are boys
Even I'm the second and use to be a sister to my adiks, but their height turn me around
I look like a kiddos to them
Or be the same height with my adik in secondary school and yet mesti kena pontong with my adik who use to habis his SPM this year
I'm gonna crying more next year *Huh!

But whatever it is, I can still win if compare to my elder
For my akak, she used to feel the pain of height ranting decade ago *evil laugh
She is the shortest among the elders line and sooner komfem kena potong dengan our younger line
Can I say, we are come from giraffe family and she are not *she will mad at me once read this


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love you my crazy friend

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If you have crazy friend, you have everything
What say you?

Sebenarnya aku jeles dengan my sister. My elder one
Eh kejap, what i means is jeles yang baik
Jeles yang aku rasa aku nak jadi sebahagian dari dirinya sekarang
Even she was so So SO busy dengan her master thesis and her nutrition hospital's *or clinic's job but still she have time to go crazy with her friends
Go travel to Pangkor *still fresh of my jelly (jeles)
Then travel to Bali *just last month
And weeks before, going hiking to Mossy Forest, G.Irau
You should have see her Insta instead and you can feel how much fun on her face
Except how tired she is afterword lah *sakit sana sini

Me? Just stuck at home doing nothing
My last vacy was to Janda Baik
Family trip and she participate as well
Then my last hiking episode was during uni time to Tasik Chini Forest
Club recreation activity *compulsory stuff

Well, miss all crazy activity myself
Doing all things without care about job... money... and time consume....
Normal feeling during young generation
You got me!

Oh man.... now i feel so granny already
Without fun or crazy memory all out!
During this adult phase after graduate
Arhh that because of workforce phase make me feel like that *blame the job tetiba
Miss my crazy little friend
Some of them were married *so yang tu tak boleh kacau
And yang single mingle like me still around but susah betul nak catch-up *all busy *all jauh

For me, you have to feel great-full if you still have a crazy friend around your circle right now
Planning something on the spot w/o proper plan in actual *get what i means right??
Planning something insane but make you feel excited just thinking bout it
Planning all this and that w/o make any cent
They are be mastermind in the group
Have you?
If you do have crazy friend, then you are lucky
For my case... I do
But my crazy little one is slowly become normal kids since married
Happy for you but in same time miss my old you

Making noise in our hostel room
Singing and giggling laugh out loud until morning
Make funny on the people who cross the road infront us
Twerp and dorky around
Like whatsoever... nobody care....

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Learning math with mum

In class their a some friends yang gila gempak and excell in math or slow in math in quiz day
Yang just can imagine 'ohh! 90o angle. So answer is this and that!'
Yang just confused 'f(x)?. What f(x)+??. SinB - SinA = Sin???'
Yang just getting Alzheimer 'ahh... shit! I forgot that formula. I already memorize it yesterday'
And last genius. After 5 minute 'Okay! I'm done!'
I just in middle *play safe and steady HAHA

Whatever it is math is fun
But if in future if my kids asking me a question about math I will be like:

K: 'what this answer??'
M: 'let me see the question'
K: '2+22 (3) = ???
M: 'this to hard...'
M:'ahhh this is not your level' *palm face!!!

Maths is interesting subject or not?
What say you?

Ini kenangan
Dalam banyak-banyak subjek exam, math adalah salah satu yang aku takut selain subjek english *bi
Mungkin sebab guru math dan bi garang
Bukan cakap je, tapi memang betul
Tak tahu la pula kalau guru or lect math and bi korang jenis yang soft spoken and berjiwa sangat keibuan
Since, guru yang jenis soft spoken and berjiwa keibuaan ni ajar aku subjet bm or sejarah
And sangat -sangat lah baik dan selalunya akan jadi guru darjah atau homeroom teacher
Aku tak salah dan menyalahkan guru-guru yang garang ni
Sebab guru yang ada aura garang canggitu memang sesuai untuk aku yang suka main-main dalam kelas
At least have to teach either one subject (math or bi)
Wajib kena guru yang garang

Bagi aku math antara subjek yang enjoy untuk belajar dan aku selalu skor in good result in BIG exam in school
I mean both. In primary and secondary school
Eh, maybe not for all middle exam and quizzes time lah
Banyak main-main lagi
Tapi, at final or big exam aku memang skor kau-kau *insaf saat akhir gitu

Vice verse episode happen
I start to hate math in first semestar during uni phase
Subject math 'financial'
I fail in first paper and kena REPEAT subject again for next semester
Repeat weh with some of my junior
I always try my best at it (even thought i fail) *sedih
Masa tu aku insist yang kesalahan tu berpunca because of my lecture
He was so baik and soft spoken
Like I can 'lalalla' in his class and not take so serious during his lecture
Sit at the back row in class, eating snack during sleeping time, poke my friend who sit next to me and others. Of course w/o his awareness and permission
At last i got my repay
Repeat the  subject a.g.a.i.n *padan muka aku

Next semester i'm not going to repeat the subject in his class
Even all senior memang recommend their juniors untuk masuk kelas dia sebab lecture baik... senang nak score... tak banyak assignment... quiz boleh score.... and bla bla
Aku? Since experience that kinds of leisure and happiness before choose the other vise verse kind of lecture
Terbukti! I pass the subject in very pain and bitter experience

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BearInBag Malaysia Online Shop macam Lazada dan 11street

Dapat panggilan daripada seseorang dari marketing online company atau tele-marketing company
What say you?

Aku kalau bab-bab buzz marketing atau tele-marketing ni rasa menyesal betul pick-up phone
Bila bercakap memang susah nak stop
Nak mencelah satu bab lain, menjawap pandai betul
Kadang-kadang tak tahu itu betul atau kelentong *liar
Atau semuanya dah siap script dari intro sampailah habis dan ur job just read it
Geram sangat terus letak phone in middle of talking
Dalam hati mesti 'dia' mencarut kau-kau dekat office sana
But it is not my fault kan . . . What i means is... that is not t.o.t.a.l.l.y my fault lah kan
You pick wrong person at wrong time and place
Kannn ? *please backup me!

Well, semalam sekali lagi dapat tele-marketing call
Again, at wrong time, almost at 5 pula tu
Aku nak balik dan bersiap untuk merempuh traffic jam yang macam tiada noktah di kota raya KL ni
Bila dia mula introduce diri tu aku syak yang dia ni mesti nak jual
Aku tak salahkan insurances, their job and they are paid to do so
Tapi like i said  'you pick wrong person at wrong time and place'
Baru je nak buat jahat dengan NAK 'tersengaja' tekan end call
Dan malaikat kiri baru je nak catat my bad doing then
terus dia cakap 'i,m not from insurance co.'
Terus terang!
'Okay....' *aku tarik balik jari tangan dan letak phone dekat telinga  'so talk'
Dia pun start bla...bla...bla... 'im senior bd eCommerce bla...bla...bla... wanna offer you to join our online merchant platform bla...bla...bla... and more bla...bla...bla...'
Hampir 2 minit aku hadam apa yang dia cakap
Then dia sambung lagi 'bla...bla...bla....'
Aku sempat lah menyampuk dua tiga patah then dia sambung lagi 'bla...bla...bla....'
Nak masuk minit ke 5 baru dia beri laluan aku bercakap
First word aku sebut dalam masa 5 min
'Can you repeat you are from? and can you just email me about your offer then we could talk later'
Masa tu aku jeling jam dekat tangan, 0515
'I'm done!' kata dia sepatah
Aku terus check inbox. Yela kot dia tipu
But it is true. Memang ada mail dari dia
Then aku pun bla...bla...bla... dan dia balas dengan bla...bla...bla...
End call

So, harini barulah aku ada masa go thru apa yang terkandung dalam email tu and baca all the General TA and Contract Agreement attached
Same concept business online platform like Lazada and 11street

So, what say me?

Friday, September 9, 2016

Dunia orang dewasa yang rumit

Blogging dah macam susah sekarang
Nak dapatkan feel untuk menaip tu satu hal lepas tu bila dah dapat feel tu nak cari topik apa nak ditulis satu hal lain
Tak macam zaman aku student dulu
Setiap benda nak tulis
Setiap hari rasanya ada je kisah aku kongsi
Student life ada kehidupan atau masa yang aku habiskan banyak dengannya
dan kenangannya terlalu banyak untuk disimpan dan diingat kembali
Saat dan waktu yang aku akan pilih kalau mesin masa atau time capsule betul-betul wujud dekat dunia
Sayang masa tu tak ada instant-camera a.k.a smartphone as necessary item yang boleh tangkap segala memori

Sekarang kalau nak post semua pasal kerja
Nak update pun pasal kerja
Nak komplen pun pasal kerja
And mostly yang negative one lah
Jadi aku mode-off butang klik untuk blogging

Sampaikan aku rasa dunia orang dewasa ni macam betul-betul rumit
Nak kongsi hal peribadi macam belah bahagi
'i dont think it can be reveal. . . '
'hmmm not this story'
'haha. . . my l.o.v.e story. It was like eiiiiuuuu'
It is all capsLock NO

And last sekali aku just taip ni
Monolong dalaman aku pasal diri aku

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