Thursday, August 11, 2016

Misteri yang aku alami

Pagi semalam dapat satu WA housemate berbunyi

'Akak nak tanya, ada tak ternampak sudu dan garfu dekat dapur? Sebab sudu dan garfu banyak dah tak ada. Sudu tinggal 3 je, garfu langsung tak ada. Akak cari dekat tempat tos pinggan tak ada. Dekat tempat sudip dan pisau pun tak ada'


Aku terus balas

'Tak ada pula. Since semalam lagi masa nak makan malam cari sudu tak ada. Ingat kan akak yang simpan'


Seharian aku fikir pasal ni. Nak kata ada pencuri, tak logik. Kenapa 'dia' pilih nak ambil sudu or garfu instead of tv atau barang-barang lain dalam rumah ?

Persoalan demi persoalan!

Tak ada pencuri? Means... siapa pulak yang ambil. Aku? Atau dia? Ehhh... Tak logik walaupun kami tinggal berdua je dekat rumah tu dan tak ada orang lain. Jika aku, memang aku buat keje 'gila' lah. Tak ada 'faedah atau keuntungan' nya aku nak ambil. Nak masak atau makan kat rumah pun jarang sekali sebab aku biasa akan tapau atau makan dekat luar. Bujang! kan... Then, jika dia, memang tak logik sebab itu rumah dia. Barang-barang kat rumah mostly memang milik dia. So, takkan dia nak curi harta dia sendiri


Disebabkan tak ada jawapan logik bagi kejadian tu, aku mula terfikir 'benda' karut yang mungkin ada. Yes! 'benda'... Even aku tak percaya


Percaya atau tidak, aku terus tanya google pasal kejadian yang sama mungkin pernah ada dilalui oleh salah seorang dari berjuta-juta internet users dalam dunia ni. Aku randomly taip 'phenomena why spoon and fork suddenly missing'. Macam-macam result keluar. Ada yang kongsi cerita it is because of misplace habit, stranger of thief etc. dog / *weird person, mysteries as well disappearing object phenomenon (DOP). From that result I just like 'woowhhh!'

In mind!

Yes. I know by now many of might think that I or someone else, took the spoon and fork elsewhere and can't remember. Takkan lah~ And last week i'm not home. Balik kampung. Then, i thinking maybe the dog sneaking and burried it, it's under the sink cabinet, inside the trash can. Ishhhh! Impossible. We are muslim weh! Cat? Also not! Or then, maybe there are group of ants took it away while singing 'lalala....' and drop the letter front door said 'your spoon and fork is now ours, if you dare go blog about it'

Still no clues to the missing of the spoon and fork or any possible reason to explain it. It could be entirely unrelated, but it might be worth sharing another fact that might be related to DOP? or More spiritual like?


It might also explain on some level, why do ideas come to mind instead of coming from the mind. Because of disappeared of the spoon and fork without any clue my mind become messy and terus fikir about the creepy things such as DOP ni. Mula-mula I don't think to know what the DOP is, I understand that truth might always be a relative definition but at least I would like to have a clearer understanding of it

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make objects move or disappear from the physical world, even if only in our heads. Bermuda triangle rings a bell?

Many things got said about the DOP, and some talk about spirits, parallel universes, aliens, spiritual alignment and many other things. For me, they could all be true, but no one can say what it is for sure.The latest quantum physics theories point out to parallel universes, maybe the DOP is some different universe interaction, making objects shift position or dimensions.

Also, science still needs a better understanding of the inner works of the mind. Its scientific common sense that we may have brain abilities beyond our current understanding. Especially when regarding quantum or other non-Newtonian paradigms. Maybe new spiritual abilities are being born to humankind, and the DOP is the result of that.

My Own Theory on DOP!

So what are my conclusions on what the disappearing phenomenon? First, let me say I have no physical proof, so it’s just my opinion based on my experience and other people’s thoughts, reactions and comments. I think the DOP could be an eye opener, something to widen our perception. In a way, it’s some “not seen” reality event which interacts with the physical world. I believe it might have to do with the yet uncharted mind abilities. We, or our subconscious we, might know more than we think we do consciously and have abilities beyond our understanding.

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make objects move or disappear in the physical world, or maybe in our heads alone. Bermuda triangle rings a bell? Maybe even the multiverse theory has something connection to DOP. Are material things materializing between universes?

Last Thought!

I hate this kind of 'creepy' things... M.e.n.a.k.u.t.k.a.n!
Should I thinks positive now while listening to my fav song on the bed and pretending that I'm OK

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Só vc sabe o quanto doeu , apenas vc sentiu, o q era besteira para os outros era o seu sofrimento. Muitos julgam o q verem mas n o q vc passou. N deixem minimizaram sua dor, n existe menos ou mais dor, toda dor dói.

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