Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Navillera - You and I

Aku bukan jenis orang yang suka baca novel. Tambahan lagi waktu sekarang yang memang dah meningkat bilangan umur, lagi banyak waktu dihabiskan dengan perkara lain. Tapi bila sampai terjumpa satu buku yang ada cover yang cantik terus terpikat. Biar lah orang cakap 'don't judge book by it cover' sekalipun, tapi bila nampak rama-rama 'seketul' kat situ terus beli! Yes i do l.o.v.e butterfly! 

Balik rumah terus review the book. 'Le Papillon des Étoiles' by Bernard Werber's  means "butterfly of the stars". Bernard Werber is french writers. I am not a fan of modern litterature but Bernard Werber is one of some exceptions. I love the way he sees and interprets things. I was very amused the first time i read his books. His books are the best way to refresh yourself and see life with brand new eyes. They're amusing to read and teach us a lot of things.

Where the spark side found in dark - I love everything about butterflies and stars. I think butterflies and stars have a unique life cycle. They have to fight with themselves to give the best to others. Butterflies have to fight with its cocoon before they have wings. Stars have to burn itself to shine. 

'Butterfly of the stars' tells us about adventure of a scientist, a shailing ship navigator, a billionaire and their followers in a project which aims to escape from the blessing Earth. In fact, there're too much war, too much destruction and too much calamity on Earth at that state and they all think that the Earth will become a dead land and the best way to do is to flee.

The scientist conceives a spaceship which runs with solar energy and it has a butterfly form, the billionaire helps him financially to construct the spaceship with others scientists, engineers and workers and the shailing ship navigator sails the spaceship.

After a lot of barriers and defeats, the butterfly of the stars is finally ready to fly. People come to life and die in the spaceship. After 1000 years, the spaceship reach the final destination, a new planet, but there are only 4 humans alive, a girl and 3 boys and the only little spaceship which helps them to land on the new planet can only contain two persons, the girl is naturally chosen. A choice was made between 3 boys, and the couple leave the spaceship to the new planet...

After the book, I wondered if Human is not reproducing a diagram that our ancestors had done before with an another planet, an another "Earth"? And are we condemned to repeat our silly things again and again and again, and then to be obliged to find a way to escape from the consequences of our silly acts? Finally, if the Earth becomes a dead land, where will we go, what would we become? If we don't stop the destruction, is there an another planet out there which will accept us? and in this case, would we act more wisely or the diagram will be repeated and this planet will soon be destroyed?

For my conclusion, 'Butterfly of the stars is a good and instructive book to read and a treat to our own reflexion.

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