Monday, February 22, 2016

Cara buat Kek Karamel

Me + Baking Cake = FAIL
Me + Baking Cookies = DAUBLE FAIL

The reason is because those Cake & Cookies really could be made without fail IF I do really and really follow the ingredients and instructions given.

That was definitely not me!

But this time i'm sure, i will be a good girl.

Caramel Cake's here i come!!

Let's learn and try..


Part A:
- 2 sb sugar
(melt the sugar in the tray or melayu punya term is 'loyang' until it turning brown/gold)

Part B:
- 1/2 (half) tin of milk - susu cair
- 70 gram sugar (equal : 4 sb sugar)
- 1/2 st vanilla essence
- 3 eggs yolk (kuning telur je)
(Stir to mix all the ingredients, but make sure when you mix, jangan sampai berbuih. If not it will turn the cake to have hole - 'berlubang-lubang'. Next enter the mix ingredient into the ingredient in (Part A)

Part C:
- 140gm wheat
70gm sugar (bersamaan : 4 sb sugar)
3 yolks
135ml water
45ml oil
1 st baking powder

(stir the yolk, water and oil together, then put the sugar inside. Mix it again..and again, until the doh seem double (naik sekali ganda) next put the wheat and baking powder. Mix them together. properly!!)

Part D:
- 6 white eggs
70gm sugar
1 st cream of tartar(As the same, whisk all ingredients until it become meringue - means the ingredients become so thick and will not easily spill out if the mixing bowl upside down

Then, mix together (Part C + Part D) dengan sedikit demi sedikit.

To add more colorful result, divide the ingredient into several category of colours. Then, put the ingredients (one by one - as per your chosen color before) into the tray (ingredient of Part A)

DONE, get ready to baked it!! 

Bake it either bain marie/steam bath/waterbath (it is same) way. Same kaedah but just diff name/terms.

Tips: Alas one more tray or 'loyang' filled with water underneath 
        Temperature is 160
        Time: 40minute to 1 hour (the last 10minute, you could used api atas dan bawah)

Gud luck!!

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