Thursday, June 19, 2014



I’m kind of person who like to be alone.
Not for once second but sometime it could take for hours and days.

Lock the door and start to do what I’m like to do such as scratching, surfing internet, eating snack or choc, and read some english novel. 

Such a bored life cycle kan???.. =.=

Yeahh that was me! The real me who become non-exist person if the laziest and moodiest person ever. 

But when it’s come to working place, I need to turn on happy meppy mood and adjust my face to look sooooo friendly as I can. 

For me that was the hardest things to do.

Showing my poker face like kena pakai topeng muka “smiley face” je rasa.

Maybe that how the “badut” feel when they do their show.

Even masa tu dia tengah sedih… their face still smile. (maybe that was the power of painting and make-up skill)

The biggest smile from ear to ear pulak tu.. (engkau ada??) hmmm…

I hate it!! 

Sometime the reality is not truly reality..
p/s: I what I thought right now.. end 10:29PM

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