Monday, February 10, 2014

Bila budak nakal dan belum mature rindu seseorang

Today I get some energy to do everything,
all because I get heard my mom’s voice.
Even she not feeling well but she still call to know how their daughter was doing.
Is she fine?

I know that I try not to make she worried about myself.
I pretend not call and share my problem with her.
I act like strong woman..
but still, mom know everything.

She can feel what was wrong.
So she gives their support and talk with me softly.
That makes me feel better.
Not only care but love..
fell like she hug me tightly even just in telephone.
So I am really want to by her side right now!

Huhu..sad already. T.T
I like to share one phase special to you.
Yes YOU.. MUM..

so please listen to it.::

When… I begin to waddle around on my feet.
When.. I hold my mom’s hand and go to school.
When.. I look into the mirror worrying about my acne.
When.. I worry over what career I’ll choose.
When.. I find someone I love and get married.
When.. I have a family that I care for more than myself.
Whenever that might be, I will always remember that my mom laughed and cried with me.
Whenever that might be, if I call for my mom, she’ll come to me from whenever she is.
I really know that…..
Mom you are my everything..
I love you….
And I will love you even more….

With load of load of love.
Sincerely your notty daughter..
Yeah I think I am.


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