Friday, December 20, 2013

Fobia Part 1 : Presentation depan kelas

Having a blog seem to be very easy.
Just need to sign up from and wallaa...
I am a blogger yoo..

But updating the post seem so so and so hard on me.
The idea like stuck in my brain.
Even sometime there are alot and lot of story wanna be tell.

That was not like when i was a student before.
Everyday seem so excited to update the post.
Stories about students life.. with friend, classes, lecture, club, sports and even story of makcik tukang masak.
Eveyday gossiping je kerjanya..

The day when i truly enjoying the student life and also suffering with the tests, quizzes, examinations, projects and presentation.
Huhhhhh! so lega bila fikir segala azab tu dah berakhir especially the presentation part.
"i do NOT like to do presentation"
Seriously, I have a physical reaction to getting up in front of the class, like i'm almost allergic.
Allergic equal to serious cases kan??
It starts with the flush and soon breathing hard and later voice gets shaky and heart goes hay wire and finally get dizzy and wobbly.. deep explanation yea..
And macam teruk sangat bunyinya tu... =.='

Ukeh, actually that is not like the worse and serous as that pun.
Saja buat havoc...hovoc...oooo... havoc....havoc (like Joe Flizo's song tetiba)
It happen kalau aku memang betul-betul tak prepare.
Present tanpa sticky not and main belasah je.

If tak, it was enjoy  kot.
Yela bila masa lagi dapat peluang men-capap-kan (mean men-glamor-kan) diri anda di depan classmate.
Ye tak??
And i do have some tips how to overcome the fear before do the presentation.
Really...really helpful for me and may also for you.
Nanti aku bagitahu dalam update post akan datang..
Fingers crossed !! hehe..

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