Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog bagai jantung

I do have a lot of things to express
About what I’m feel
Which collection of stories in past, present, and future kot.
If include all those things inside my head it could be Bomkebabom !!!
Explode without any warning notice
And then..
Mula lah pening.. stress… serabut..

So sekarang the one place to throw all kindda of things is blog niha..
Ehh..ehh, not all the bad things and good things la.
Just some of them.
Yang patut di kongsi dan yang patut di tapis kemudian dibuang terus.
Kalau tak bajet “macam hot je…” “macam retis je..” “macam poyo je..”

Ke korang tak??
Ehhhhh….. (buat muka curious gila *o*)

My past
My Present
My Future
Semuanya bergantung pada diri sendiri macam mana nak hadapinya.
Iye your ownself..not others.
Lets do like this:

If the Past
Just let it go.

If the Present
Enjoy the moment.

And if the Future
Ready to face it.

Bring big SMILE along your way.

Sticky Note :: But the stories behind that STILL keep on SILENTS. Maybe next time.


Farah Waheda Wahid said...

i agree and understand what you meant cause i feel it too sometimes and most of the times...

shasa_fiez said...

@Farah Waheda Wahid :: kan... hehe. Btw thanks for drop by some comments here. :)

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