Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Dad

Forgive me if I possibly hurt your feelings today.
My immature self just said immature things.
If you possibly can't understand my feelings, it's fine.
No need for excuses, It's all my fault.

Even if you don't say everyone knows, both your eyes are immersed with tears.
Sorry, so sorry. This is my heart.
You know the day I've opened up my heart I'll do better.
Sorry. I'm sorry. I can't say anything other than this.

You can still hate me for your sorrowful feelings.
There's no need for any expressions. To me you'll be here forever.

I can't do anything other than this. I can't imagine a world without you.
Although I'm lacking and deficient, I love you.

Sorry, sorry. So hard to say I'm sorry.
Sorry, I'm sorry. I can't say anything other than this.

emm...this also the lyric song that i like. sometime kita as children memang tak lari dari wat salah kan especially bila belakang mereka. macam-macam even small things. but the right way to do is seek for forgiveness. just say "i am sorry, and never do it again" just simple word kan. tapi that simple word to la kekadang susah nak ucap. just refer to me myself.. aihhh why hah??? mybe because of our "egoism"..emmm..

but important thing that i want to tell you..... i love u

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